Pit Garden Growing

Plants are Growing

Despite a cold and snowy December, and only 6 weeks since the seeds were put in the ground, plants are growing in the pit garden.  In the above image you’re seeing different lettuces and radishes growing in our sewer pipe based raised grow beds.   These raised beds are getting the most sunlight during this time of year when the sun is lowest on the horizon, and we planted species known to do better in cold weather.   The Winter Harvest Handbook is an amazing resource!  Growth of these plants is up to 4-5 inches already and I’m already salivating for fresh greens in my favorite green smoothies.

The photo below is of one of the beds we have growing just above the dirt growing surface in the main part of the pit.  In the foreground left you have Brussels Sprouts, and on the right the starts for celery.  Moving back in the middle are some cherry tomatoes sprouted a few inches tall, and in the back is Alanah’s long time houseplant orange tree recovering from the shock of being transplanted, and hopefully very excited to be in this new environment.

Pit Garden Bed

This next picture is of the herb starts we transplanted into the pit greenhouse in December.  They have flourished since their relocation and have been the first harvested goods from the garden.

Herbs in Pit Garden

We also have beans planted that have sprouted about 8 inches, but still look mostly like grass. I’ll post more progress photos as things grow faster with the greater light and warmth of February and March.   Let us know what fresh veggies you have ready for harvest this winter in the comments below.

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